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Why We Need Tariffs

There has been a lot of bad information going around various news sites talking about how bad tariffs are. It appears that protectionism is now a bad word.

Do people not know their history? At one time tariffs were a main source of tax revenue. We had roads, public service, military, a working government, everything the nation needed.

Then came along the income tax. Several decades later the terrible idea of free trade was signed into law by Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is not to blame. Free trade started with Richard Nixon and has continued through every president since.

Why The Working Class Votes Against Their Best Interest

There is an article on the Washington Post written by Catherine Rampell where she asks,

Why did all those Economically Anxious™ Trump voters reject policies that would have helped relieve their economic anxiety?

Maybe they believed any Big Government expansions would disproportionately go to the “wrong” kinds of people — that is, people unlike themselves.

Right off the bat, the article hints at racism by using the words “people unlike themselves.” Please stop with the racist overtones. The “them and us” mindset serves no purpose, other than continuing the divide among people.

Obama: My approval rating tanked because of the ‘fictional character’ Fox, Limbaugh created

Because Fox news and Rush took away your ability to send an envoy to Thatcher’s funeral…because Fox news and Limbaugh forced you to go on multiple multi-million dollar vacations paid for by tax payer money…because Fox news and Limbaugh made you burden the working class American people with catastrophic health care cost…because Fox News and […]

Protectionism Is Good

For some reason over the past few decades protectionism has gotten a bad name. What is wrong with protecting our economy and our jobs? The only thing wrong with protectionism is it goes against the globalist agenda. Part of the globalist agenda is spreading wealth across the entire world. Various groups felt the United States […]

The coming healthcare bubble

This affordable healthcare act is just the tip of an iceberg. The rest of the iceberg has been ignored for years, maybe even decades.

As far back as I can remember my health insurance premiums have gone up every year. Even has my wages stagnated for 20 years my health insurance has gone up.

When I was working for Kingwood cablevision I would get the yearly review around August, and the usual BS excuse that all the company could afford was a 2% raise. But at the same time the stock holders would get paid a nice dividend. During my review I told my supervisor that the raise would not cover the rise in health insurance premiums. My supervisor asked how I knew our healthcare premiums were going up? I told him they go up every January.

The Writing Is On The Wall

The writing is on the wall, the United States is a on road of steady decline, and the U.S. government is preparing for widespread civil unrest.

Now for evidence to backup my statement:

China is Now the Biggest Trading Nation of the World – Forget trading with the United States. Since the 1990s we have given our factories and our jobs to China.

The dollar is being replaced as the world currency – Now that China has the factories and the jobs, it’s just a matter of time before the before the Chinese yuan replaces the U.S. dollar.

What is the dollar backed by? A promise to repay our debt, and nothing more. What is going to happen when our debt grows to a point where it can not be repaid? Is the federal reserve going to print more money, which will fuel inflation?

The U.S. dollar is backed by nothing. Now its a matter of time before the rest of the world realizes that.

Homeland Security wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years – 1.6 billion rounds? How much ammunition do we need to fight a major conflict, say maybe with China?

Drones over U.S. soil – I sure hope those drones are being used in our war on drugs.

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – Just like what happened to Native Americans and Japanese Americans, get ready to be detained without due process, and as long as the government wants.

US Economy Shrank 0.1 Percent In Last Quarter 2012

Surprise, surprise, surprise, the US economy shrank 0.1% in the last quarter of 2012. That 0.1% may not seem like a lot, but the real story its much worse then 0.1%.

Take these factors into consideration:

The economy shrank during the biggest spending time of the year – Thanksgiving and Christmas. If the economy shrank during Christmas, that says people do not have expendable income.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

The economy shrank during one of the biggest panic buying phases in the firearms industry since the 1994 assault rifle ban.

Not only were people spending money on Christmas, but they were also buying all the guns, ammunition and magazines they could get their hands on,,,, and the economy still shrank.

One thing that caused a slowdown in the economy was a reduction in military spending. The question I have to ask, why does government spending play such an important roll in the economy? Maybe the government does not want the people to know how bad the economy really is?

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