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Nancy Pelosi Out Of Touch

After Democrats were flogged in the 2016 election with a landslide victory for Donald Trump, democrat leadership is still business as usual.  Democrats lost almost 2/3 rds of states houses, Federal Senate, House of Representatives,  and the presidency.

For some reason Nancy Pelosi thinks the nation does not want to go in a new direction.

Unless they change course, the Democrat party is on their way out.  The party is over, Trump won, the nation wants a new direction.

This mentality is exactly what cost the Democrats the election. People are tired of business as usual. We want secure borders, we want our jobs and factories back from China.

Bring The Jobs Back

Trump said he wants to make the Republican party into a workers party.

Whichever party ends free trade, or at least establishes fair and balanced trade will have a future.

Whoever fights for wall street and against everyday working people will not have a future in Washington D.C..

The people are sick and tired of business as usual.  This course of giving our jobs to China was first established under Nixon and has continued through President Obama.  It is time to bring our jobs back and protect our economy.

With Trump talking about protecting our economy, Democrats will be left out in the cold.

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  • doktormcnasty

    How’s that Trump not fighting for wall street working out for you?

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