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Major Media Ignoring Democrat Loses

From 2008 – 2016 democrats lost 1,042 state seats. Yet major media is silent about major loses in state legislatures. Why isn’t major media addressing democrats getting their asses handed to them for the past eight years?

Worse then losing 1,042 seats and not saying a thing, liberal media ask why Hillary lost the election? On November 9th, 2016 liberal media licked its wounds and wondered what happened. All Hillary Clinton had to do was address the issues, which the democrats refused to do.

Why Democrats Lost Ground

Let’s look at some of the issues that have cost democrats so many seats across the nation. Since major media will not address the issue, we will.

Abortion – The vast majority of people agree abortion is immoral and wrong. Yet democrats want abortion to be a major talking point, why?

People want to talk about jobs, access to health care, free trade and not abortion.

Affordable Care Act – Forcing people to buy a product and then fining them when they can’t afford it is wrong.  Yet democrats brag about the affordable care act.

The people were lied to about being able to keep their doctor.

Bank Bailout – The government can bailout the banks and wall street, yet everyday people are left out to dry.

Iran deal – Everyone knows lowering trade sanctions on Iran was a bad deal.  Nothing good can come of this.

The obama administration continues to put muslim nations ahead of Israel and Europe.

Bathroom Policies – We have real issues facing the nation, and the obama administration pushes a bathroom policy for transgender people?

Men have no business in the ladys bathroom, and ladies have no business in the mens bathroom.

The only thing the bathroom issue did was piss voters off.  We want the government to address free trade, health care and jobs.

China – The obama administration has done a terrible job of dealing with China and their dumping of cheap products in the US market.

How are American workers supposed to compete against low wage chinese workers?

Cooperate Mandate – The obama administration has refused to enact the cooperate mandate, which would force employers to provide health insurance.

This means the burden has been placed on the shoulders of families.

Free Trade – During the past eight years free trade and dumping of cheap chinese made products has not been addressed.

The middle class want out jobs back from china.  When obama said certain jobs were not coming back, he alienated the middle class.

IsraelObama administration sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu. Yet complains about Russia meddling in the presidential election.

The obama administration has stressed relations with Israel numerous times, and the American people do not like it.

Margaret Thatcher – The obama administration did not ssend an offical envoy to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher made history, and the United States snubbed her funeral.

Sending Arms to Egypt – The American people do not like it when we send arms to nations in the Middle East.  We always worry the arms will be used against Israel.

Obama lifts freeze sends arms to Egypt.

Syrian Refugees – send them to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.

The United States currently has 95 million people not in the workforce, more than 49% of the population is receiving some kind of government benefit, yet the obama administration wants to open the borders.

Tax HavensUS companies are hiding over 1 trillion dollars overseas.  Yet president obama refuses to address offshore tax havens.

During the debates when Donald Trump addressed tax havens, all Hillary did was smile.

Wall Street Responsibility – Why hasn’t anyone from wall street been sent to prison for the crash of 2008?

The list goes on and on and on and the liberal left wonders why democrats have lost 1,042 state seats in 8 years?

Ignore the Issues

Maybe it is easier to ignore the issues and hope they go away.

Maybe if the left calls Donald Trump a few more names people will forget about trivial stuff such as the economy, their low paying jobs, free trade, offshore tax havens… etc.

Chances are, if democrats keep going down their current path, next generation will read about democrats in history books.

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  • Linda Felts

    I’ve never in my whole life seen such big babies trying to figure out why Hillary lost the election. Move on. If you don’t like Trump, figure out what to do to win your governor, senate and house seats back. For the time being,,,we, the people, have spoken.

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