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Protectionism Is Good

For some reason over the past few decades protectionism has gotten a bad name. What is wrong with protecting our economy and our jobs? The only thing wrong with protectionism is it goes against the globalist agenda. Part of the globalist agenda is spreading wealth across the entire world. Various groups felt the United States […]

Popular Youtube Channel Bearing Terminated

Bearing was a very popular youtube channel who was critical of social justice warriors.  He would take part of a video, break it into parts and insert his own commentary.

I watched one of Bearings videos on Monday December 5, 2016.

On Tuesday December 6, 2016 Bearings account shows to have been terminated.

The following message appeared on his youtube page.

This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

Nancy Pelosi Out Of Touch

After Democrats were flogged in the 2016 election with a landslide victory for Donald Trump, democrat leadership is still business as usual.  Democrats lost almost 2/3 rds of states houses, Federal Senate, House of Representatives,  and the presidency.

For some reason Nancy Pelosi thinks the nation does not want to go in a new direction.

Unless they change course, the Democrat party is on their way out.  The party is over, Trump won, the nation wants a new direction.

SJW Gets Schooled On Public Service

Wonderful video where an older gentlemen talks about how British have a duty to perform public works for free. This should be common all over the world in developed nations. Where citizens donate their time to organizations who can not afford to pay for said services.

When it comes out that the SJW demanded she be paid to attend, an older gentlemen lets her have it. After that, she pretty much loses it and is babbling.

SJW Tries To Defend Open Borders

When asked directly, several times, what will open borders do for an unemployed machinist, the guest deflects by talking about Europe.

When she finally gets narrowed down to refugees taking jobs, she talks about low wage jobs such as fast food. Even though the workforce participation rate is the lowest since the 1970s, she does not want to talk about refuges being a burden on social services and taking low wage jobs.

The people people who want open immigration are the ones who are least affected.

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