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Trump Meeting With Black Leaders

So far, Donald Trump has met with Dr. Ben Carson, Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King III.

Liberal media painted a picture of a racist Donald Trump. Meeting with black leaders discredits the accusations that trump is a racist. What do liberals do next? They double down and insult the minorities who meet with trump.

How far does this lunacy have to go before liberals are finally called out for their bigotry and hate tactics?

Repealing the Affordable Care ACT

Leftist are whining and crying about the GOP repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Did they forget the obama administration refuses to enforce the corporate mandate, which forces employers to provide health coverage.

If democrats are not willing to enforce a law they praise, repeal it.

How can someone say “this is a great law”, then turn around and say “some parts do not need to be enforced.”

Gender Deniers

Science says that the vast majority of the time there are only two genders and are defined by XX and XY. There are rare occurrences of Turner syndrome, Hermaphroditism, XXX Females, Klinefelter Syndrome and a few others. In the majority of those cases there are abnormalities such as slight learning difficulties, infertility, stillborn… etc.

A gender denier is someone who denies genders are based on science. Transgender people say gender is in your head and not based on science.

Since the liberal left mocks climate deniers, shouldn’t the same amount of ridicule be directed towards gender deniers?

When do we get to pick and choose what is based on science and what is not? In that case, why do the liberal left mock climate deniers? Gender, just like climate change is based on science.

Why do gender deniers get a free ride when it comes to the science of gender?

Family Blames Homeowner for Shooting

According to the report, homeowner had security cameras, was alerted that someone broke into her home, she rushed home and found someone exiting the rear of the house. There was a confutation and the burglar was shot and killed.

Friends and family of the dead guy ask why was he shot? Well, maybe because there was a confutation? Maybe if he had not broke into the house he would still be alive.

At 1:53 into the video, a young lady ask “how is he supposed to get his money to have clothes?”

How is he supposed to have money to buy clothes? Maybe get a job?

Mexico: Trump’s Taking Our Jobs!!!

Where’s that Whaaaaaaambulance when you need it? Cry me a river, Mexico! The time to start aggressively putting our country first instead of making sure every other country and nation is feeling that Big Warm Fuzzy should have come way before now. This is why Trump won and why Trump will obliterate what is left of the democratic party: He cares about our country, he loves the American people, and he’s putting the U.S. first.

Mexico Losing Jobs to America

Podcast – Elections Are Not About Character

From the first elections there has been mudslinging.  Each candidate tries to discredit the other.

The election of 2016 brought out the very worst in character attacks with the attacks on Donald Trump being an excellent example. Major media nitpicked Trump policies at attacked his stances on stuff such as immigration. There was almost no discussion on offshore tax havens, how free trade has destroyed the middle class or why democrats have lost so many state seats.

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